More Qualities Of A Dedicated Teacher

The first blog titled Qualities Of A Dedicated Teacher talked about three values that an educator must possess. These values or qualities were Fairness, Accessibility, and Organization.


Fairness quality meant that a teacher must show neutrality among all students. There must be no favorites so that everyone will feel secure while learning. Accessibility quality meant that an educator must have a welcoming attitude. Instead of frowning, which throws off students from learning or asking questions, teachers must smile and accommodate everyone who needs help. Organization quality meant that a teacher must know how to plan and organize his or her classes. Handling ten or more students in class is challenging, but with structure, it is manageable.


I didn’t know these traits until my husband, mother and grandmother told me about it. And now, to continue, here are four more qualities of a dedicated teacher coming from educators with a combined teaching experience of almost 80 years.



Good teachers are capable of empathizing – putting one’s self in the shoes of another to understand their troubles and safeguards and thinking of a way to help them. Empathy should be the central component of the classroom, as it is leading itself to appreciate different perspectives and intentions of an individual.


Educators should own compassion and leniency during the points of students’ lives where they feel most susceptible and troubled to help them soar higher. As a result, empathy builds a positive classroom environment, establishes student-student relationships, and makes students ready to guide as leaders in their communities.




The primary goal of dedicated teachers is exploring things through their curiosities and interests – and they love the idea of learning more despite the overflowing knowledge that they already have. When students learn from their educators, teachers must also learn from their students instead of getting furious and resentful when students correct their mistakes. Teachers with sincere enthusiasm and passion for their careers are not afraid of asking questions. They are delighted to learn from their learners, as well.



Students, especially the younger ones, are eager to get three stars on their activity papers every day and teachers with strong expectations and a broad sense of appreciation match them perfectly. A devoted teacher makes his or her students feel the sweetness of accomplishments through compliments and recommendations – and that is what makes students more motivated to exceed their teacher’s expectations.




Last but not the least is also one of the most pivotal characteristics of a work-committed teacher: a successful interpersonal communication ability to make his or her lessons, intentions, expectations, and compliments vivid in every student’s mind. Being able to talk is also being able to listen, and teachers must also possess this quality. They should always be approachable in lending their ears for students experiencing difficulties and must come up with a good suggestion or plan to help a student face the challenge and overcome the hindrances in success.


For educators, the experience will always be their best teacher. Passionate teachers have already been through every student’s situations, undergone what challenges they will face and are ready to educate with their lessons, not just regarding their subject matters but most importantly – life lessons.