Qualities Of A Dedicated Teacher

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My husband is a teacher, and so is my mother who has been teaching since she was 22. She is now 58 years old and still imparting Math to young kids. My grandmother was also a professor and one of the “terror” educators in the English department of a prestigious university here in our city. Today, she is the Principal of a preschool at 83 years old; strong and sharp. As for my grandfather, he was also a professor and well-loved by his students and colleagues before he passed on.


How about me, you ask? Well, I’m not an educator yet. Although I plan to take up Masters in Guidance and Counseling this coming school year, professionally, I’m a writer. A writer who wishes to become an educator like my husband, my mother, and my grandparents – that is me. I mean, my writing pays well and even if it’s freelance, with my ten years and thousands of hours work experience, contracts keep pouring in.


But still, I don’t think it’s ever going to be enough for me. I need professional stability and security. Writing is one of my passions, and that is true. Another desire of mine is to provide solutions and assistance to students, and since I can’t teach, I have put my interest in Guidance and Counseling.


For me, teachers who are the students’ second parent, are disguised superheroes who has the powers of building a child’s future and shaping a young one’s mind. With their educational experiences and teaching abilities, they do the best they can to ensure academic learning for students and the true meaning of years of schooling – being ready to face the real world. What are the other must-have qualities of a dedicated teacher which a student can benefit from?


I’ve asked my husband, mother and grandmother about these qualities, and these were their answers:



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The two building blocks of being a dedicated teacher are justice and fairness. It means handling every student in an unprejudiced, ethical and respectful manner. Excellent and dedicated teachers do not have one apple of the eye inside the classroom, but all are treated as favorites.


Young children are particularly capable of noticing indications of unequal treatment which is why teachers should still see the strengths of each student and help improve their weaknesses. Teachers must also concentrate on accommodating both eliminations of rude behavior and accentuation to strong personalities.



Accessibility is a pivotal element for a teacher-student relationship. There are some instances wherein teachers look intimidating and threatening. That is the first thing that could turn off a student from acquiring more knowledge. A welcoming and non-hostile environment should be provided to each student, so they can work and learn comfortably.


Building better relationships with their teachers and classmates is essential for students. With that, committed teachers should not get annoyed by questions being repeatedly asked by their students. They must strive to assist their learners in establishing comprehension about lessons and instructions.



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Dealing with a whole class of students with different personalities and attitudes are quite an obstacle for teachers. An excellent educator can still maintain an organization.


Strong organizational competence is critical in teaching and learning; for example, timeliness and punctuality, structured lessons, planned activities, and solid teaching strategies which can aid students in feeling certainty and assurance about their learning. Time will not be wasted from unexpected discrepancies during class if a teacher possesses proper management and planning skills.


In the next blog, more qualities of a dedicated teacher will be featured. Stay tuned and wait for its release soon. I hope that you’ve learned something from this revelation.